Senior Bishop Arthur Loring and Harriet Loring

Senior Bishop Arthur Loring and Harriet Loring

About Senior Bishop Arthur & Harriet Loring

Bishop Arthur Loring is a native of Phoenix and the second born child of the late Bishop Ezra Loring Sr., the founder of the Pentecost Church of Jesus
Christ, Inc.

Bishop Arthur Loring married AZ State Mother Harriet Loring on June 28, 1959 and they were blessed with six sons and one daughter. Bishop Loring, having obeyed the Holy call of God, was later ordained as an Elder in 1965. He served as pastor of the Pentecost Church of Jesus Christ, Chandler branch from 1965 to 1970.

It was in October 1966 that he was appointed and installed as State Overseer of Arizona. Subsequently, he was appointed Junior Bishop in October 1968 and from October 1971 to October 2015; he served faithfully as the pastor of the headquarters church. 

National Bishop Arthur Loring was called to head the flock of the entire Pentecost Church of Jesus Christ in 1972. He was installed as presiding Bishop by the late Emeritus Bishop Thomas Davis, who retired due to failing health. Bishop Loring served in the acting capacity as pastor of the Chandler church simultaneously while pasturing the headquarters church from 1979-1989.

Bishop Loring who seized the opportunity to spread the gospel across the nation to Miami, FL, also ventured to Ghana, West Africa in November 1997 and has been four times. In 2012, Bishop ventured to the soil of Haiti to spread the gospel.

International Bishop Loring retired from the State of Arizona since July 1989 after 32 years of service. His many labors and outreach locally, nationally and internationally to establish a people on the foundation of Jesus Christ is not in vain.

Behind every good man, of course, is a good woman. We appreciate our State Mother Harriet Loring s firm stand to advance the furtherance of the kingdom of God in true holiness and righteousness as well. 

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Phone: (602) 252 - 1850